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Amelie Loren Defloration

Monday, March 31st, 2008

DeflorationThey say that French babes are the nastiest babes, even if they are still virgins, in the world; some say that it is a stereotype; some say that virgins can not be nasty even if they are French, but all those gossips will stop today once and forever, as Amelie Loren, a virgin French babe is going to show what a really nasty babe is. Amelie Loren starts with performing a fascinating striptease, she moves slowly and gracefully, allowing you to enjoy her perfect body,virgin slit, firm butt, ripe tits and soft skin. Then it is time for pussy opening and hymen showing, of course Amelie Loren, never forgets to rub her pink clitoris and caress her virgin slit, after the French virgin orgasms, she finally gets up from her virgin bed to perform a stand-up striptease and start everything from the beginning.
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Defloration Defloration
Join the French virgin Amelie Loren and enjoy her gorgeous not deflorated body.

Tress Agnessa Defloration

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

DeflorationTress Agnessa adores playing pool, in fact this nasty thing is obsessed with that game so much that she forgets about everything and everybody around. That day the teen virgin played pool in a mini dress, without any lingerie under it. Luckily for us Tress Agnessa forgot about that fact and played like she had jeans on. Luckily we were there with out camera and shot the whole game from the beginning till the end. Tress Agnessa played with a cue and with balls, and be sure it was not an innocent game, but a real masturbation and tits’ caressing. Of course the nasty virgin babe did not forget to caress her flat tummy, firm butt and to open her clean shaved pussy to prove she has a hymen inside her virgin slit. I guess you wonder how masturbation and pool can be united, but I doubt that you will find an answer on your own; the easiest way to enjoy that lustful pool is to join Tress Agnessa.

Olga Jushenko Defloration

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

DeflorationLet me introduce a real Orient star Olga Jushenko to you. Yes, this gorgeous virgin babe is a blonde babe, with white skin and nasty behavior, but she is obsessed with Orient style of life, clothes, lingerie and so on and so forth. Like any other Orient girl Olga Jushenko is still a virgin, and still is waiting for the defloration, but like a Western girl she spends much time masturbating, caressing her virgin pussy and clitoris, petting her whole body. I was wrong when I called her just an Orient girl; she is a mixture of both worlds and what gives us more fascinating actions performed by the nasty creature. Do not be afraid Olga Jushenko will never make your bored, as a mixture of two cultures she knows how to change everyday and how to turn into a new babe every time she teases a dude. Even though tonight she will show you just one action, Olga Jushenko will show you everything she is capable of. Get inside and enjoy other fascinating actions of this nasty thing.

Lala Princess Defloration

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

DeflorationLala Princess is a unique virgin, as she is totally crazy about sex. OK, this babe is not deflorated yet, but she already knows how to penetrate her virgin pussy and to touch her hymen, how to masturbate and orgasm in front of the camera. Lala Princess is so crazy about her perfectly shaped body that she needs to shoot all her masturbation action to enjoy them in the evening and to masturbate. Of course this babe is not into rough pussy rubbing, she turns it into a fascinating show of passion and petting. When this babe will finally go through a defloration action she will turn into an extremely wild rogue. But let’s not hurry and enjoy this virgin babe slowly, explore the most intimate parts of her ideal body, enjoy her virgin smell, and dive with her fingers into the depths of her virgin pussy.

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Join the lustful virgin babe who enjoys fascinating orgasms and sex sensations while waiting for the defloration action.

Dasha defloration

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Defloration This sexy thing believes that a girl should look sexy all day long, from morning till night, as she never knows who will come to visit her. Of course it is very easy to say, but it is very hard to do. Luckily Dasha does not mind realizing her ideas tonight. That nasty thing put silk pantyhose and a mini dress to show us what a really sexy babe is. I knew that Dasha was a virgin that is why I could not even imagine she put all that clothes on but forgot to put any lingerie on. Can you imagine how surprised I was when Dasha started undressing? Have to admit, I was shocked but excited as well and we started a new photo ession, luckily Dasha posed with all passion of a virgin babe but with all professionalism of an experienced slut. If that is the way Dasha meets her guests,then I will visit this nasty thing everyday.

You will not see a defloration action tonight, but will enjoy a virgin pussy in every detail.

Nora defloration

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

deflorationTonight you will meet someone really extraordinary. This gorgeous virgin rogue was so desperate for defloration that it was not possible to deny her. Besides organizing a romantic atmosphere, introducing Nora Phillips to a dude who is a number one deflorator, we shot the whole process in every single detail. Of course Nora Phillips was not very happy to see a camera, but she got so excited when she saw her future deflorator that she could not say or do anything else but to kiss, hug and caress him right away. The lad loved Nora Phillips at once as well, and he helped Nora Phillips to get over the defloration in the best possible way. Nora Phillips relaxed in his arms, enjoyed the touch of his strong hands, his passionate kisses, pussy rubbing and fingering. The foreplay lasted for a while till they finally passed on to the defloration.
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Defloration Defloration
Join the excited could and enjoy the fascinating defloration action.

Beatrix Glazatto defloration

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

deflorationBeatrix Glazatto adores her body more then anything in this world. She adores caressing and petting, admiring it, posing in front of the whole world and allowing the world to admire every inch of her perfectly-shaped body. Of course Beatrix Glazatto, as a seductive virgin, never misses a chance to open her virgin pussy and to admire and to touch her hymen. Yes, this girl adores playing with her clitoris, slit and hymen while she is waiting for the defloration.In fact Beatrix Glazatto as a very nasty babe does not hurry to be deflorated, she loves to put her stunning beauty in the window. This babe does not hurry;she wants you to enjoy her natural beauty and virgin pussy slowly and carefully. Use that chance to get inside the sexy panties of the fascinating rogue Beatrix Glazatto. Of course the sexy thing is blessed not only with an outstanding beauty but with a lustful nature as well. Sit back and enjoy the nasty virgin teasing and seducing you.

Terezie defloration

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

deflorationVirgin Terezie invites you into the paradise tonight. This is not a commercial, but a reality realized with the help of a beautiful not deflorated babe.Terezie is a real virgin; she never fucked, sucked or caressed a dick in her life, though maybe she did that in her dreams. Of course this babe experienced orgasms in her life; after all she is very curious about her body and fascinating sensations it can bring her. Petting under water is another experiment which Terezie decided to perform in front of the cameras to show it to the whole world. This girl will share all her emotions and feelings with you, do not be afraid none of them will be fake. Terezie is a virgin still and her body can not lie, she truly enjoys all the sex feelings and orgasms. Surely as a not deflorated babe, Terezie is an inexperienced and somewhat shy but her true nature still shows in every move she makes. Join Terezie and enjoy this real paradise together with her.